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Rubber vulcanization accelerator AM-2

Structural formula:

Technical index :
transparent, straw yellow viscous liquid
PH value water solution
Effect composition content%
Total solid content (%)
Tested effective composition content +5.0
Brief introduction of product:
Rubber vulcanization accelerator AM-2,also known as Trialkyl Ammonia Chloride AM-2,The product is our company to be consigned by China Petrochemical General Company to exploit, Qilu Petrochemical Company introduced the production of Syrene-butadiene rubber to produce complete accessory ingredient, after the application Result indication of Qilu Petrochemical Company Rubber factory, the Sulfurization accelerator function and using is the same as that of imported products, which could replace the same imported product MT-50, fill up the bland of country.
The product to tie Cation surface active agent, could be as Sulfurization accelerator of Styrene-butadiene rubber, which could increase extending strength of rubber 300% notably. Nowadays, already used in the production of domestic Styrene-butadiene rubber, this product also be used as the accessory ingredient in the production of Textile, paper-making and leather, also is the excellent germicidal antiseptics.
Packing: Plastic barrel 200Kg/barrel

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